In the words of the author himself:

PISS will have bad language, way too much writing, way too few and easy puzzles, might not get done in time (though fingers crossed!), if it does get done in time you will probably have to pay a tiny bit of money to play it and even if that hasn't put you off the game yet, we had the audacity to call it PISS.

Pretty sure I couldn't sell a game any worse than that...

Well, it might not be conventionnal PR, but this is definitely good enough for me. (Reading this after actually playing the game sure helped, but i'm pretty sure this would have picked my interest anyway).

Well i just played it, and it's awesome. While i think PISS is a great name, don't let it fool you: this game has a great story to tell and it's NOT about any kind of body fluids.

It's a classic point & click adventure game (apparently made with Adventure Games Studio) in which you play a wahsed-up, alcoholic mercenary trying to make ends meet by taking petty jobs. Of course, shit happens, and trying to deal with it sets you up on a classic but well-executed trip towards self-discovery.

The atmosphere stinks of Planescape: Torment. Really, the influence is obvious, from the actual story, tone and main themes to the gritty fantasy setting. I won't dwelve on it but if you enjoyed P:T, then you definitely need to try this out. It's also very well written.

The game is very short (it took me about three hours to finish), and even tho hardcore point & clickers will undoubtedly get angry at how ridiculously easy it is, they definitely shouldn't miss it. While it's true that this ends up being more an interactive story than a "real" game, I feel it's kind of the point and it didn't bother me one bit (I do tend to be more forgiving than some on this, tho, but still).

The game was apparently made quite quickly (which could excuse its rather small scope) for some AGS games bundle thingie, and was sold as part of this bundle some time last summer. The bundle offer seems to be over, tho, and i'm not sure if there's any plan to sell it again, but it's currently available for free through rockpapershotgun (along with a slightly more complete review, which i completely agree with). I have no idea how long this 'offer' will last, but I strongly recommend anyone to go grab it while it's there. I'll also gladly buy the game if it's ever sold conventionally.

Now just go and play it. You'll be PISSed if you don't.
(Yeah I know. This was awfull. Screw you, interwebz).

Published: Mon 21 Jan 2013 02:22 PM

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